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Marine & Offshore Inspection


Pitting shall occur mostly in Oil Storage Tanks which contains contamination that corrodes the tanks bottom. Inspection shall be carry out by checking pitting corrosion in each bay, mapping the extent and individual pits, measuring the depth of pits by a depth of pits by a depth gauge / Ultrasonic gauging.


We are able to supply Inspectors to follow the vessel on voyage and carry out inspection on board. This will help the ship Owners save up time and cost. Repair plan and steel weight estimation shall be worked out and submitted to the Ship Owners to plan their budget and vessel repair schedule during dry-docking.

Visual examination and U.T.M gauging of ballast tanks carried out during ballast voyage by the following ways:
Ballast Voyage using Riding Crews
Voyage using Rafting
Alongside Repair Quays in Ports

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