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Rig Inspection Services


Bolt torquing is means of applying a desired force intended to produce rotation using a predefined standards based upon the given faster. We provides controlled application of torquing and tensioning force for loosening and tightening of the bolts from small jobs to large turnarounds.

Our trained and experience technicians apply standard and proven techniques to assemble, disassemble and pre-load identification and verification of bolted joints and other critical elements or structures. We provide bolt torquing services in conjunction with industrial rope access standards.

Hot Bolting — Applied to free and re-tighten bolts on live piping and equipment, involves replacing of corroded or damaged bolts in order to minimize the time spend on removing bolts during plant shutdowns.Induction Bolt Heating — It reduces the job time up to 7 times compared to traditional resistance heating resulting in significant time saving for the plant.

Induction Nut Heating — Fast and dedicated heating of nuts on reactors, exchangers and hydro-cracker flanges leads to dismantling of components in less span of time.

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